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Welcome to Refill Hut, brings latest and environment – friendly technology for Inkjet Cartridge Refilling and Laser Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing. We also provide professional service and support for all your printing needs in different places like Salt lake city, New Town, Lake Town, Dumdum, Airport and many more. Door step service available at your home and Office.

All HP, Canon, Brother, Richo, Samsung printer’s Toner and Inkjet Cartridge Refilling with high quality Compatible Ink which can give you utmost satisfaction with quality and quantity. Refill hut also selling all branded company’s compatible toner cartridge for our local and corporate Clients.

Refill Hut is committed to quality and consistency and our Remanufacturing centre is being monitored for quality at every level. Cartridges Refilling and Remanufactured by us provide print quality as good as new (similar to OEM) with same number of prints with upto 60% saving. After taking a service you also appreciate  that we are the best toner cartridge refilling center in Kolkata.

Laser Toner Cartridge Refilling & Remanufacturing

At Refill Hut, we completely disassemble the laser cartridge, thoroughly clean it & replace all worn out components before filling it with toner. Laser toner cartridge refilling goes through a stringent 9 step refilling process which starts from collecting empty laser cartridges, manual inspection, electronic inspection, removing old toner, toner filling, manual test, print test, packaging, delivery. Each and every cartridge undergoes a stringent quality and yield testing before delivering to the customers.

The print quality of our reconditioned Laser cartridges is almost equivalent to original and the page yield also matches the original specifications. Our refilled laser cartridges can be recycled several times and every time you get print quality like original. Recycling of cartridges help in saving nature by reducing e-waste and conserving natural resources.

HP and Canon Inkjet cartridge Refilling

Inkjet is done through 9 step scientific refilling process that starts from collecting empty inkjet cartridges, manual inspection, electronic inspection, flushing out oldink, ink filling, manual test, print test, packaging & delivery. The print quality of our refilled inkjet cartridges is almost equivalent to original and the page yield that you get from our refilled inkjet cartridges will be equivalent to original specifications. We use latest inkjet cartridge refilling machineries & cutting edge inkjet cartridge refilling technology. Inkjet cartridge refilling is being done using high quality ink which is almost equivalent to original. All our technicians are thoroughly trained at the Head Office. Our refilled inkjet cartridges can be recycled 3 times, if refilled from Refill Hut store, saving you lot of money and will also help in reducing e-waste and conserving natural resources.

What We Do?


1. Cartridge Refilling


Ran out of toner? Worry not! We’ve got you covered! We use premium quality toner to refill your cartridge(s). This will ensure proper functioning of all the internal components and gives you a smooth and rich printing experience. 
2. Replacement of Defective Parts
Tired of low density prints, smudges, ghost images and appearance of irregular dots/lines throughout the page? Fret not! We’ll take care of it! Prolonged use of the cartridges can often wear out its internal components which significantly affects the printing quality. After careful testing we’ll identify the defective parts and replace them with new ones which will restore the high quality printing performance.  
3. Cartridge Reconditioning and Re-manufacturing
Why buy a new cartridge when there is an option of getting your existing one re-manufactured? Re-manufactured Laser Toner cartridges are equivalent to brand new cartridges; wherein, except the cartridge’s case, all the inner spare parts will be replaced with new ones and as a bonus we will also refill your cartridge with superior quality toner! As we only use high quality spare parts, the performance of our re-manufactured cartridges will be on par with the brand new cartridges.  
We also sell cartridge spare parts, toner and cartridges compatible with your printer (HP, Canon, Samsung).  
Why Choose Us?
The cost of branded printer cartridges are increasing day by day, which will inevitably increase the printing costs as well. So, cartridge refilling and re-manufacturing is the only way that makes printing economic and lucrative. 
Our Customers


We have innumerable happy and satisfied customers across Government Offices, Educational Institutes, Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers, Banks, IT Companies and other Enterprises, dramatically saving their printing costs.  

Customers reviews

I got my canon printer serviced by Mr. Rakesh. His service is excellent. He gave the service within 30 minutes of my call. Highly recommended.
Customer Review1
Soham Majumder
I had a Printer issue and Rakesh from Refill Hut, Kolkata came and quickly set it right. It turned out to be a HW issue and he did a reset by opening the printer and all started working magically. Kudos to a job well done !!!
Cartridge refilling Review
Joty Rathor
Excellent and quick online service, especially during the pandemic period. Completely satisfied with the response.Thanks a lot Refill Hut . utmost Satisfaction.
Sundar Yadav
+91 8013 593 031

226 Green Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700055